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The Way

by Rob Roper

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mollygrowler I love the diversity of sounds on this album! Heartfelt lyrics tackle timely topics. My favorite track is Sea of Hope!
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You Don't Know (What You're Missing) Copyright © 2019 by Rob Roper You see me coming and you cross the street I get on a train and you change seats You don't know, you don't know You don't know what you're missing The cover ain't pretty but the book is good You think I'm a loser but you can't see the truth You don't know, you don't know You don't know what you're missing Bridge: Perception is deceptive You gotta be receptive I'm looking for exceptions Are you the exception? Do you want a good man or a pretty boy? 'cause that's the way it is, baby make your choice You don't know, you don't know You don't know what you're missing You waste your life waitin' on the man of your dreams when sittin' right in front of you is what you need You don't know, you don't know You don't know what you're missing You don't know what you're missing (4x)
Mama Had a Mohawk Copyright © 2018 by Rob Roper Chorus: Mama had a mohawk Daddy wasn't around They let me run wild on the streets of the town A rock and roll baby Born and bred When I look back now I can't believe I'm not dead Mama had a mohawk, painted it blue black leather jacket, and an angel tatoo Daddy played the drums in a punk rock band Mama said, "son, one day you'll understand" Sometimes at night, mama wouldn't come home I'd have to call up a friend, on the telephone She'd pick me up at noon, and buy me fast food and say, "sorry, little man, I was out with the band" Chorus High school was tough, I didn't fit in I was skinny and ugly, only had one friend We were always skipping school, hanging out, smoking pot We'd just sit in the car and listen to punk rock I remember the day Social D came to town Mama snuck me in the back, when the guard wasn't around Mike Ness looked at me, sang "Story of my Life" Every word rang true, man, he got it all right Chorus Now I'm doing ok, work in a tatoo shop got a hardcore band, and man, we really rock I watch the kids jump around, from up on the stage They remind me of me, when I was their age. Chorus x2
3-Legged Dog 04:07
Three-Legged Dog Copyright ©by Rob Roper 2015 Just another day, same old routine Just another day, feeling sorry for me like the ugly shirt on the clearance rack no one wants to buy The girls in the park won't even say hi That's when I saw the three-legged dog hoppin' along on his afternoon walk He held his head high He was happy to be alive So I gave myself this little talk: I said, Chorus: I wanna live my life like a three-legged dog Ain't gonna worry 'bout one less paw I wanna be happy with what I got I wanna live my life like a three-legged dog Joey's sixteen and he tells me life sucks his friends drive cars and he takes the bus TV and the movies say these years are the best but Joey says: "If these are the best, I don't wanna see the rest" Cathy's seventeen and stuck in her bed a plastic tube is how she gets fed headaches, chronic pain no cure, just hope and faith But if you tell her life sucks, here's what she'll say She'll say... Chorus: You gotta live your life like a three-legged dog Don't be worried 'bout one less paw Just be happy with what you got You gotta live your life like a three-legged dog
Empty 03:53
Empty by Rob Roper ©2018 A thousand friends no one to talk to, so I sit and stare at a plastic rectangle, four by three Everyone's connected Connected to no one, it's a contradiction the latest addiction Chorus: How can we feel so empty in a city of a million people? How can we pretend nothing's wrong? Sit with me and talk for awhile I want to see your smile 'cause all too soon this moment will be gone We started out, in a garden of Eden, but now we live most of our lives under a ceiling It all builds up, so we look for ways to vent our rage, we roll down the street, in a climate-controlled, metal cage (Chorus) A thousand friends no one to talk to
The Way 04:49
The Way Copyright © by Rob Roper 2018 You dared to resist You blew 'em off with a kiss You could have stayed in the shade But your heart would have paid You left behind a world of grey You had to see the colors play It was just a stop along The Way You slipped out of the trap You set a match to your map It's the journey that counts At least, that's what I found After much investigation There are no destinations Everything's a stop along The Way You made it to the other side across the Sea of Hope But everyone said, "you're not done. Get back into the boat." You thought it was the journey's end Now you're on the road again It was just a stop along The Way
Metadata (We're Watching You) Copyright © 2017 by Rob Roper We're watching you, watching everything you do We're watching you, it's for your own good We know what you like We know what you don't We know where you go We know how you vote We're watching you Privacy is dead, freeedom long gone if you've done nothing wrong, then just go along Don't you see? Both parties agree It's what we need to keep us all free We're watching you There once was a man, who ran off with the plan but you didn't understand, so now he's living in a... cold land. and now he's fading out we got the news blacked out one less boy scout who stuck his neck out ...for you Hitler, Hoover, Stalin, in their wildest dreams could never have imagined, such a beautiful scheme So hang onto your phone Take it everywhere you go 'cause that's how we know what we need to know We're watching you watching everything you do. We're watching you It's for your own good Don't worry It's just... Metadata
The Neighborhood Copyright ©2020 by Rob Roper A small house is sold A small house is torn down What the hell's going on on my side of town? Blue collar out Suit and tie in The swingset is gone and so are the grandkids This house was built in 1953 when 1000 square feet was all you need They were paying rent for 20 years Developer says they have to pack up and leave Chorus: What are we losing? We're losing the neighborhood. A big ugly box goes up in its place 4000 square feet multiplied by 3 That takes a lot to heat and a lot of A/C heatin' up the planet for you and me A 3-car garage where's the oak tree? How much room does a lawyer need? Soon the robins will have nowhere to nest And a gang of pigeons will be all that's left (Chorus) Builders on the make Politicians on the take history and memories raped and scraped They only care about money and making it fast Historic Preservation that's a thing of the past (Chorus)
I Didn't Believe Copyright ©by Rob Roper 2014 It was a beautiful day not a cloud in sight when a guy with a cellphone ran a redlight Everything went black then it went white I saw the gates of heaven coming into sight The angels came to greet me and led me through the gate I was scared to death of what would be my fate I walked the streets of gold up in the cloud and there He stood tall and proud (break) As soon as I saw Him I fell down on my knees I said, "Lord, have mercy I didn't believe." He said, "Don't worry, son It's the believers who are screwed they way they behave I'd be an atheist, too." "Killing in my name waging bloody wars and all their church services are such a bloody bore" "You'll see your fellow atheists up here as well while all the true believers are burning down in hell." (break) I asked, "What about your son that you sent down to earth? The one called Jesus He of virgin birth?" He said, "that's the worst thing about these Christians' game They ignore his teachings but worship his name." "They think that they're saved just because they believe and now they can do whatever they please" "But all their worship that's just kissing ass It ain't what you say It's how you act." (break) He said, "I'll see you later in comes another crew I've got to damn ten Christians Three Muslims and a Jew." "So grab a harp and have a glass of wine you can jam with the angels until the end of time." I stood there in wonder at this glorious scene and thanked the good Lord I didn't believe
Too Much Traffic Copyright ©by Rob Roper 2020 Too much traffic, not enough time Too much coffee, not enough wine Too much stress, not enough rest I'm working in a building with a barbed-wire fence and the CEO's bonus... is a hundred mil. Underpaid teachers, overpaid suits Minimum wage, army recruits Downsize, downgrade, piss in a cup The Men of MADD and the war on drugs and the judges dress... in the color of death. Chorus: And there's nothing I can do nothing I can do, nothing I can do, nothing I can do Tax breaks, bailouts, subsidize the rich Stolen shopping cart, lying in a ditch Speedtraps, roadblocks, tax men in blue The fines pay the judge so there's nothing you can do and the police... are just another gang. (Chorus) Fly that flag, sing that song with the NSA, you're freedom's gone Killer drones, smart phones, Christians throwing stones He won't look up, 'cause he's staring at his phone And I'm... looking for the underground. Yeah I, I'm looking for the underground. New Chorus: There's something I can do Someting I can do, someting I can do There's something I can do
None of the Above Copyright ©by Rob Roper 2020 She wanted a man who wore a tie to work two kids and a dog a house in the 'burbs And all I wanted was none of the above She said goodbye so much for love I got a one-room apartment and a beat-up old car I work in a factory a disgrace to my family Everybody told me you gotta bleed for your art Well, I bled a lot but I never got far I bet she found a man who wears a tie to work she's got two kids and a dog and a house in the 'burbs I should have never said no to all of the above I could have been happy I could have had love Her divorce went fast once the kids were grown she moved into the city and got a place of her own She thinks about a boy who wanted none of the above I bet that he's happy I bet he found love
Too Late 03:26
Too Late Copyright ©2021 by Rob Roper You looked me up and down and smiled and we made small talk for awhile You made me feel good about myself For the first time in my life I can't forget the last night with you what if I had said "I love you, too" Why did it have to be all or nothing? I needed time but time was up Chorus: It's too late to start again and we could never just be friends You will always be for me a sad and happy memory And I will always be alone A thousand miles and seven years I never thought I'd see you here You gave me that same look Put my number in your book I walked away with a tear, 'cause... (Chorus x2)
2am 05:15
2am Copyright ©by Rob Roper 2020 2 am on a winter night, Denver, Colorado I put on my coat, and my winter boots and step out into the snow The cars are all sleeping under a blanket of white And I'm kissed by a snowflake when I stop to view the sight. The snowflakes toy with gravity as they dance in the streetlight Refracted, soft and blurry like whiskey eyesight And the multicolored houses are now nuanced shades of grey Like a black and white photo or a winter painting by Monet. Chorus: I've seen many of the wonders of this world And I've known the touch of a beautiful girl And I've seen the works of the great Van Gogh Ah, but this is just as fine Like a great bottle of wine Standing in the middle of the street at 2 am in the snow. I'm listening to a symphony of silent eloquence I stand there grinning with childish innocence It's 25 degrees out here but I don't feel the cold And though I'm standing by myself I don't feel alone (Chorus) Bridge: Now you may think I'm crazy and maybe I am but if you could only be here I think you'd understand (Instrumental Break/Solo) (Chorus)
Sea of Hope 03:43
Sea of Hope by Rob Roper © 2010 Mistakes are necessary so I'm gonna make some This life of comfort is a life of boredom Everybody says "You've got it made" But even the best zoo is still a cage Chorus Sailing on a sea of hope Bailing out this leaky boat Set the sail, catch the wind Won't be coming back here again Won't be back here again Tired of living in the slow lane Tired of saying another wasted day The radio plays the same old songs I've got to do something even if it's wrong Chorus Bridge: The sand is falling... The sand is falling... down the hourglass... Chorus


Rob Roper's 2021 release has 15 tracks-- 13 original songs and 2 original instrumentals. Musically, it covers several sub-genres of rock, ranging from metal to grunge to folk-rock to reggae to psychedelic garage rock to punk to post punk. Lyrically the topics include social commentary, failed love, and life lessons learned over time. Co-produced and engineered by Jeff Kanan at The Keep Recording in Denver, Rob sang lead vocals and played most of the rhythm guitar tracks, and a top notch group of Denver musicians filled out the rest, including guest appearances on "Mama Had a Mohawk" by Brent Loveday (Reno Divorce) and Jonny Barber. But as great as this album is, Rob says that "it's just a stop along The Way."

The CD has one extra track, "The Last Judgment," a reading from the New Testament by the Rev. Millie Phillips, which serves as an introduction to the song, "I Didn't Believe."


released November 9, 2021

Rob Roper: lead vocals, 6-string electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, electric baritone guitar, acoustic guitar.
Molly Zackary: backing vocals.
Marissa Russo: backing vocals.
Ryan Elwood: drums.
Ryan Watts: bass
Dave Preston: electric guitar, electric baritone guitar, acoustic guitar.
Jeremy Lawton: piano, organ, synth.

Guest vocalists on "Mama Had a Mohawk": Brent Loveday, Jonny Barber, Molly Zackary, Ryan Watts, Graeme Clark-James.
Guest guitar solo on "Mama Had a Mohawk": Brent Loveday
Congas on "3-Legged Dog": Sam Caston
Newscasters on "Too Much Traffic": Molly Zackary, Jeff Kanan.
Protest Speaker on "Metadata": Marissa Russo.
"The Last Judgement" Gospel reading: Rev. Millie Phillips.

All Music by Rob Roper.
All Lyrics by Rob Roper except "The Last Judgment," from the Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 31, Verses 31-46.

All instruments and voices recorded by Jeff Kanan at The Keep Recording, Denver, CO except:
Rob Roper recorded some guitar tracks at home.
Rev. Millie Phillips recorded vocals for "The Last Judgment" at home.
Brent Loveday recorded his vocals and guitar tracks on "Mama Had a Mohawk" at home.

Mixed by Jeff Kanan at The Keep Recording, Denver, CO.
Mastered by Anna Frick at Airshow, Boulder, CO.
Album artwork by Pat Creyts.
Front cover photo by Dave Barber.

This album was financed by Rob Roper with help from Nancy Farmer, Millie Phillips, DJ Hagberg, Mary Gerwin, Sean Kennedy, Martin Slovacek, Donna Harris, Marty Jones, Kurt Loken, Ken Morris, Richard Mruz, Gary Ringsdorf, Sue Tracy, John Fox, Steven Plutt, Viktor Keenan and 27 others.

Special thanks to my supporters in The Misfit Club!

Thanks to everybody who has come to one of my shows, bought my CDs or downloads, or listens to my music regularly on the streaming services.

Thanks to Molly Zackary for her vocal coaching, both before and during the recording sessions. Big thank you to all the amazing musicians who contributed to this album. And special thanks to Jeff Kanan, for your expert technical engineering, and your great ear for song arrangements and mixing.

Please visit www.robroper.com for more info about Rob Roper Music

Produced by Rob Roper and Jeff Kanan.
Copyright 2021 by Rob Roper. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Rob Roper Denver, Colorado

Songwriter, guitar player and singer.

"...the troubadour of the misfit." --Kurt Loken

"...a guy with some sharp songwriting skills and a knack for penning witty lyrics." --Jon Solomon, The Westword.

"...striking similarities to Elvis Costello... pop rock with a lyrical edge." --Sheryl Radetsky
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